Return Delivery


Please check all products after receiving them.

If you have ordered a wrong product or got a wrong delivery, please contact us immediately:  or phone: +31 513 657 330


Fill out our document for return and take care of conditions.

We can only take back products with original packaging and information about return within 14 days notice and immediate return.

Please send the products adequated stamped.

If wrong delivery was our fault we will replace your cost or pick up the goods by ourself.

If you have a complaint, please contact us:  or phone: +31 513 657 330

Please use also our document for returning.


If you need this document again, so you can get it here: >> Return Delivery Document



Repairing ElectroCaps:

You can send all our delivered System-ElectroCaps for repair or general service to us.

After we have got the Caps we will check them and inform you about delivery time and service/repair charge with a confirmation. If there will be only minor repairing we can repair without charge as customer service and so we will charge you only freight costs.


For inquiries about of any repair other products, please contact us.  or phone: +31 513 657 330