Since 1997, GVB-SPES with GVB-geliMED is certificated by ISO.

Since february 28. 2007 by

DIN EN ISO 13485

An inspected quality-management by ISO 13485 signifies:

The company works with international recognized standards to the quality-protection and improvement.

Well educated employees.

Fast and efficient treatment of the orders by optimized work processes and a transparent information system.

High-quality, secured product-quality and comprehensibleness.

Guarantee the observance of norms and requests, with manufacture and distribution of the products.

Annual, official checkup of all pre-determined standards by an independent certificate-company.


All by GVB-SPES offered products are CE-marked.



The employees of GVB-SPES were educated to qualified medical-product-advisors.

GVB-SPES owns an accepted quality management auditor.

GVB-SPES has a long experience since more than 25 years in the area of
neurophysiological accessories.