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  • M-C-L-2125-15
  • 34270103
  • 90189084
MULTI CAPS offer excellent qualities for equipment, quality and material, but a additional... more
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MULTI CAPS offer excellent qualities for equipment, quality and material, but a additional special feature - the unobstructed access to the electrode-positions after the final cap placing. Through gaps in the textile material, all electrode positions can be reach easily to maximize the electrode-impedance or other things.


is delivered without electrodes. Suitable electrodes can be found in this category under Accessories for Multi-cap.

Discover the benefits

Improved handling

This type of cap can be used without the need
for additional electrode holders. Thanks to
innovative technology, the electrodes are attached
directly to the cap. Simple fitting makes it possible
to adapt the cap quickly and individually to your needs.

More comfort

Also worth noting is the flat shape of the electrode, which
your patient will barely notice when attached to the head
and is therefore pleasant to wear.

Flexible, because, as well as being easy to position, you can quickly react to artefact during use by simply relocating the electrode holders/positions

Cost-effective, because you can test several patients with various cap sizes using just one set of electrodes.

Convenient, because you have the choice of 11 sizes between 24 and 66cm.

Versatile, because you can use the MultiCap for long-term monitoring and sleep studies as well as for restless patients.

Quick, because the cap material allows for thorough and short cleaning.

Comprehensive, because a wide range of accessories is also available.

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